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LandWorx Tenets - What Drives Us

  • Stewardship

    A small parking lot in an ideal downtown location along the renowned Cultural Trail, LandWorx helped Onyx & East turn 0.35-acres of asphalt into a beautiful modern complex with striking views and access to all things Indianapolis just out the front door.

  • Sustainability

    Creating economically and environmentally sustainable solutions is one of our company tenets. Working with our Client and the end user, LandWorx was able to help transform a shuttered grocery store within an older strip center to provide a new lease on life.

  • Genuine

    Even the smallest of redevelopments need to be sensitive to their surroundings. For this project, LandWorx was able to work with the Historic Preservation Commission to save a clock and dedicate the space around it as public.

  • Fun

    LandWorx was privileged to work with Indianapolis Metro Police Department on their Headquarters Mountain Bike Park. We provided drainage and staking services for their new pump track. The area brings the mountain biking experience to under-served urban youth in Indianapolis. Plus, we got to ride the pump track!

  • Progressive

    LandWorx worked with our client to provide an office building within the Keystone at the Crossing area on the north side of Indianapolis. The layout utilized elements such as a curved parking approach and integrated outdoor patios to provide a flexible and unique experience for the end user and passersby.

LandWorx Markets & Services

The philosophy at LandWorx is entrepreneurial and passion driven through experience, persistence, and responsiveness. Our experience in understanding local codes and having been there before give us a leg up in representing our clients. Our persistence means that we are willing to sit at the doorstep of a jurisdiction until the project is complete – if it’s the right thing for that client. Clients and owners experience enough obstacles – why waste time with a complicated consultant? Our responsiveness means you won’t have to.

LandWorx provides concept to completion for the development, civil engineering, and permitting for public and private projects alike.


Redevelopment & Mixed Use

From infill mixed-use to bringing a renewed life to an old shopping center, LandWorx partners with some of the best developers and owners in the Midwest to help bring neighborhoods back to life. Navigating existing infrastructure issues and older neighborhood challenges are never easy, but LandWorx has the experience to smooth out the bumps.


Trails, Parks & Planning

Assistance in place-making, parks, municipal drainage projects, sustainable pedestrian ways, and planning studies on culturally and historically significant areas. LandWorx brings a wealth of design experience and the flexibility to be a respected partner for private, public, and institutional projects.



Medical Facilities & Offices

From a single-practice dentist office to a full hospital replacement, LandWorx has the background to understand the unique complexities of the medical field.




From concept to completion, small or large, we work with clients and owners to smooth out jurisdictional hurdles while taking the extra time and attention to help create a destination.




Hospitality & Office


Industrial Warehouse & Manufacturing

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