About 10 years ago I completed a full 140.6-mile Ironman race in Madison, Wisconsin after training for about three years. Earlier this June I completed a 70.3-mile Half Ironman race in Maryland. It not only reminded me of the prior accomplishment, but of what we are all capable of!

1. Discipline and priorities.

With three kids and a demanding job, time is scarce, so prioritizing training meant (for me) waking up before 5a. So, I was in bed before 10p and home from work to help with dinner and care for the kids by 5:30p or earlier. EVERY DAY. There are bumps and weekend days away, but I learned all things are possible if you can keep your discipline and focus!

2. It’s not about the finish line!

Don’t get me wrong, finishing the race was a great accomplishment, but for me, the journey of finding my own motivation day in and day out is what I am most proud of. I try to keep this in mind every day – be proud of what you are doing and how you are getting to your goal.

3. You don’t know your limits until you test them.

I am not a swimmer – and 2.4 miles is a LONG way. It took a solid 18 months in the pool twice a week before I was comfortable in the water and another 18 months until I was confident that I could make the distance I needed to. When people say, “I could never make the swim portion!” I always say – you never know until you really try.

4. The people make all the difference.

Both times I have trained I was surrounded with like-minded disciplined driven folks – who also happened to be fun and great people. Not only did they help keep me motivated and hold it together, but they are also friends that I will have forever.

5. This is important.

You CAN do anything. After my full Ironman, I realized I could apply that same drive and discipline into being a good father, husband, and it even gave me the confidence (along with being able to get health insurance through the ACA) to be able to start LandWorx. Yes, it’s hard, preparation is required, there are setbacks, and sometimes the goal changes, but if you are disciplined and driven, you can accomplish very hard things!

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