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Five Thing I Learned From Ironman

Five Thing I Learned From Ironman

About 10 years ago I completed a full 140.6-mile Ironman race in Madison, Wisconsin after training for about three years. Earlier this June I completed a 70.3-mile Half Ironman race in Maryland. It not only reminded me of the prior accomplishment, but of what we are...

Five Things – May in Indy

A few years back I wrote a blog piece about five things I had learned after five years in business. It was well received and over the last three+ years I have come to realize that a lot of the questions we get as site-civil engineers. entrepreneurs, and even as...

5 Lessons – 5 Years

At the five year mark of jumping into the unknown and starting LandWorx, I wanted to share a few lessons learned. A LOT of people helped me through the beginning - and I'm always happy to help those looking to make the jump as an entrepreneur! 1. Trust your instincts....

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